John Luke Pasquarello

Programmer - Technologist - Artist


Hello! I am John Pasquarello and I try to be many things. Mostly I am a programmer, artist and all around maker. I try to make everything, art, clothes, programs, books, websites, games, and probably more. I am enthusiastic about Pushing the limits of Technology. Augmented Reality is especially close to my heart I have recently worked at an AR startup Semblance AR. While there I was working on cutting-edge telepresence technology using Unity3D, Google Project Tango, Amazon AWS and many other technologies. I've also got a collection of personal technology projects which you can see below.

As an artist, I mostly focus on making the art I want to be making. Such is the luxury afforded by a day job. I am an avid photographer, I also find myself drawing and sometimes creating other works. You can see some of my work below in the Photography and Project sections

Not sure what else I can tell you here. I do all my own bike maintenance and I build theatrical sets in my spare time. I try to be a person of many skills so what has got my interest changes from week to week.


I've been working as a programmer professionally since 2015 in several different roles. Most recently I've been contracting as a Unity3D AR and VR dev. I'm excited by the growth and expansion of both these technologies. I also happen to think its fun to get to really see something come to life in 3D. I've been at this unity thing for about two years now I've worked extensively with several libraries for Unity including Vuforia, Google ARCore, Occulus OVR, and Google Cardboard/Daydream VR.
My résumé is available by request please just send me an email at

Personal Projects

Here's a list of fun things I've been working on! Some of these are one-offs or oddball ideas or work with friends.

  • Postcards From VR - A series of photos from VR worlds I both created and explored.
  • GIRL CRUSH EP - I helped a friend record this EP with a bunch of junk I found in a closet at NYU. It's LoFi, DIY, dreamy and done for free. Everything you could want from an indypop EP.

Contact Me

You can email me at