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Hi I'm John. Artist, Photographer, Programmer, Maker and more.

Creative Technologist
Member and Performer with
Check out my code (and also my self hosted git)


JSNC JSNC is a DSL I created to make generating gcode easier for me. It's great at creating generative art for CNCs, plotters, and printers.Repo and documentation here!
Your Weather I made my own weather page because all the others are ugly or full of trackers.
Radioactive Advertising Waste Another vis set! Hosted in Wonderville's amazing minecraft version of their venue. w/ Messica Arson making music
OopsAlldigital A streamed live coded vis set. Now dead and recorded for you to enjoy. with Messica Arson making music
Irem Lopsum A collection of filler images I found or created meant to be a visual equivalent of lorem ipsum
OSC rerouterator a tool I wrote in lua that reroutes, swizzles and transmutes OSC messages on the local system.
bookmarks an export of my bookmarks. it's cool enough to share.
Rubysh an experiment in making ruby act like bash.
gggv avid user. occasional contributor. w/ Diane Looney
Microsoft 1.11 Experiential work for Microsoft and Stranger Things Season 3! A fun 80s nostalgia romp w/ Future Colossal
Bash Vis Scripts Scripts for live coding visuals with bash and melt
Live Code Lab Speaker, audio tech
Falling Photos taken one fall on a bike ride to manhattan beach.
Sunset Park Some very textured photos in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.
NYC Three pictures from some of my favorite secret spots.
Darkness I had a bad day and made these pictures for you.
Kirt@TheGarderns Some portraits I shot for a friend Kirt. They once requested "Can someone take a picture of me with some flowers. It's more important than it sounds."
GIRL CRUSH EP engineering and mixing.
Lightness A sunset from my old home in Crown Heights.
Old Film This is the best results of 3 very, very old rolls of film. I hope that these pictures leave you missing memories you never actually made.

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background courtesy of NOAA GOES16